In order to make purchases on the Site you will be required to provide your personal/corporate  details. In particular, you must provide your real name/corporate name, phone number, e-mail address and other requested information as indicated. Furthermore, you will be required to provide payment details that you represent and warrant are both valid and correct and you confirm that you are the person referred to in the Billing information provided.
The Site is available only to individuals and corporations who meet  idiltarzi.com terms of eligibility, who have been issued a valid credit/debit card by a bank acceptable to idiltarzi.com, whose applications are acceptable to idiltarzi.com and who have authorized idiltarzi.com to process a charge or charges on their credit/debit card in the amount of the total purchase price for the merchandise which they purchase. 
By making an offer to purchase merchandise you expressly authorize us to perform credit checks and where idiltarzi.com feels necessary, to transmit or to obtain information (including any updated information) about you to or from third parties, including but not limited to your credit/debit card number or credit reports (including credit reports for your spouse if you reside in a community property jurisdiction), to authenticate your identity, to validate your credit/debit card, to obtain an initial credit/debit card authorization and to authorize individual purchase transactions.