İdil Tarzi graduated from the well known Domus Academy in Milan with an
honorable degree in fashion after studying at the Central Saint Martin’s
School of Art and Design in London. Her main inspiration in both life and
fashion has always been her royal heritage.

One of the most influential women in the world history, Queen Soraya of
Afghanistan is İdil Tarzi’s very dear great aunt. Queen Soraya was born in
Damascus in 1899 and was the third child of Mahmud Tarzi, the well known
and respected Afghan intellectual and poet; also known as the father of
Afghan journalism. In 1915 Soraya Tarzi married Amir Habibullah Khan’s
son Amanullah. King Amanullah and Queen Soraya reigned from 1919-1929.
After taking total independence in 1923, the royal couple worked together
to build a modern country. The Queen dedicated herself to the emancipation
of women and has served her country as an advocate for Women’s Rights.
This legacy has always been the main motive for İdil Tarzi and led her adopt
a rather brave approach in her design career.

Both King Amanullah and Queen Soraya were well educated, open minded
reformists which enabled them to establish succesful foreign affairs.
The royal couple had some unforgettable travels which date back to early
1928 starting with Egypt. Aida Opera was exclusively performed on the river
Nile in honour of the royal couple. At their next stop, Italy, they were
welcomed by King Victor Emmanuel III and Queen Elena. The French
President welcomed the Royal Couple at Bois de Boulogne Station in Paris.
Other highlights of these travels were a ceremonial drive by the German
president Hindenburg, a visit to the Oxford University and an evening
banquet organized in the couple’s honour by the great Turkish
founder, Atatürk.

In 1929 the family had to leave Afghanistan. They went around Europe and
still live in different capitals there.

Things and times changed but Soraya has always been a prominent figure
with her adorable, feminine style and beauty.

İdil Tarzi owes the elegant, timeless and universal touch of her designs to
her great aunt Soraya and the rest of the royal heritage.

As her first signature in her design career, the ever stylish knitwear
collections still reign in many women’s wardrobes, being a reformist just
like her royal descendants led her to adopt a new approach by bringing
together a unique understanding of feminine sportswear for the golf greens
and après golf introducing us with the concept of “golf chic”.
Her 2018 Resort collection is her first and will make the woman golfers
more glamorous than ever with its stylish, timeless yet contemporary and
functional attitude.

Flirty details complementing serious design technology, ruffles in a tailored
world, leather with embossed chains are some details redefining the new
golf wear. No woman has looked this glamorous on golf greens!