Our Royal History

A real-life legend Queen Soraya of Afghanistan is the very dear great aunt of Idil Tarzi. Queen Soraya was born in Damascus in 1899 and was the third child of Mahmud Tarzi, the well known and respected Afghan intellectual and poet; known as the Father of Afghan journalism.

Gholam Mohammad Khan had been the ruler of Kandahar and his son Mahmud Tarzi had a great influence in Afghan affairs. In 1915 Soraya Tarzi married Amanullah, son of Amir Habibullah Khan. King Amanullah and Queen Soraya reigned from 1919-1929. In 1923 after taking total independence of Afghanistan, the Royal Couple worked together to build a modern Country. The Queen dedicated her efforts towards the emancipation of women and has served her Country as an advocate for Women’s Rights. She has been involved in the promotion of girls’ education, health and identity.

World leaders welcome

The King and The Queen

One of the most influential women in the world history

Aiming successful international affairs for the Country the King and the Queen have been welcomed by the world leaders in early 1928’s and had been cherried by people in each country they had visited. They met the King of Egypt; Ahmad Fuad Pasha in Cairo. Aida Opera was organized on the Nile river for the Royal guests. After leaving Egypt, they had arrived in Italy where they were received by King Victor Emmanuel III and Queen Elena. A great parade of Naval Military and Air Force were held in their honor.

The French President Gaston Doumergue welcomed the Royal Couple at Bois de Boulogne station in Paris after their visit to Nice. Leaving France, they were welcomed by King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth in Belgium. In Germany, they were met by President Hindenburg in Berlin and lead to a ceremonial drive. There was an evening gala performance at the opera house in their honor.

The King and the Queen were received in London by the King George V and the Queen Mary at Buckingham Palace. When King Amanullah Han had visited the steam yacht St Katherine, at the Port of London Authority, all the ships were dressed in His honour and the dockside was decorated with flags. They were also invited to visit the Rolls-Royce Motor Works.

The King and The Queen also visited Oxford University. They were received at the gate of All Souls by the Vice-Chancellor and High Steward of the University of Oxford and the two MPs. The King was decorated with crimson Doctor of Civil Law robes and moved in a procession to the Sheldonian Theatre, to be admitted to the degree. The diploma was handed to the King with Persian translation.

The King and

The Queen

at Oxford University

The post war palace of Queen Sorayya and King Amanullah
Courtesy of Zekai Demir

Queen Sorayya

King Amanullah Han has been a very well educated, an open minded reformist and very well informed about world’s affairs. The Queen Soraya was also very well educated, open minded and of noble birth. These qualities helped the Afghan society to emancipate easily through the civil world. They have been admirable with their elegant lifestyle. The Queen, in world history, has always been a prominent figure with her adorable, elegant and feminine style and beauty. Their Family of eight children; Princesses Amenah, Abeda, Meliha, Adela, India, Nagia and Princess Rahmatullah, Ehsanullah have all taken their parents’ precious visionary culture which pass throughout generations in the Family.

Idil Tarzi has been forenamed after her great aunt and carries her name Soraya which has a sacred name character as well as representing the significant family culture. The Tarzi Family along with the Royal Family has been united ever since and narrating the Royal History has been a Family tradition thenceforth.

Idil Tarzi has always been inspired by all the stories of
her royal family culture and she has been dedicated
to a timeless graceful luxury ever since
This brief of the Royal story has been edited by Princess Nagia herself; the youngest daughter of Queen Soraya born in Italy and her daughter Princess Humeyra